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The escea EF5000 is a wide aspect, open fronted gas fireplace that has been specifically designed to provide heat and ambience to an outdoor living or dining area. The Style, size, and materials of this appliance have been chosen to create an impressive centre piece that is in keeping with the outdoor environment. The whole fire is made from marine grade stainless steel so it will handle the harshest conditions.

EF5000 is ignited by way of it's touch pad electronic control which gives you the option of three different heat settings. Because the control system works from batteries, no mains power is required. It is made 100% of stainless Steel, and our flue-less design has removed the complexity and expense associated with flued outdoor fireplaces.

If you have no external walls suitable for installing the EF5000, then simply use the Kitset Wall Unit, an easy-to-assemble, customizable, freestanding unit designed especially for the EF5000 – letting you place the fire anywhere you wish.

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